Saturday, August 2, 1980

New York Post publishes article on Richard Grayson's campaign for Vice President

Today, August 2, 1980, the New York Post features a page 4 story on Richard Grayson's candidacy for Vice President.

Prof Flips Hat into 3-Ring Circus

By Joanne Wasserman
A Brooklyn College English professor, who says he's protesting the country's "circus-like" political campaigns, has decided to take a leave from the ivory tower and run for Vice President.

Richard Grayson, 28, is even officially recognized by the Federal Election Commission.

The federal agency has been flooding him with campaign finance forms since the day he wrote them--and they've never questioned his eligibility.

"I just wanted to see if the FEC would take anybody seriously and apparently they do," he said.

Grayson's biggest concern now is raising the bus fare to New Hampshire to campaign for the nation's first primary.

He's already begun a furious campaign.

He held a $10-a-plate bagel dinner, which brought in $10. His brother was the sole guest and contributor.

A rock singer friend, Wesley Strick, will hold a benefit concert for him tonight at Eric's at 8 p.m.

And, he's drafted his entire family for a Principle [sic] Campaign Committee.

The U.S. Constitution puts the age for holding the office at 35. While Grayson is too young for the job, his political spirit has not been dampened.

Not particular about his political party, Grayson is waiting for an offer from any ticket.

"Jimmy, Jerry, Teddy, they're all the same to me."

A health-conscious candidate, Grayson has no objection to the country's second best seat - especially when he found out there are already 64 contenders for the presidency.

"The President tends to get old a lot quicker," he said. "And Mr. Mondale looks thinner lately."

The serious side of Grayson's candidates involves his belief that the country's leaders are in a "perpetual state of campaigning on non-issues."