Monday, February 11, 2019

Monday Night in East Williamsburg: Beirut at Brooklyn Steel

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Richard Grayson Letter in The New York Times, Encouraging Women's Voices: Part 2

On Monday, February 11, 1985, The New York Times editorial page featured a letters column entitled Encouraging Women's Voices: Part 2, "A second round of responses to a letter we published urging more women to contribute to opinion pages."
Among the letters was one by Richard Grayson:
To the Editor:
Like Kimberly Probolus, I encourage more women to write more letters to the editor. But I would also like to encourage men to write fewer letters to the editor. 
Having had over 20 letters published in The Times, I will never submit another one. I’m sure that almost nothing I have to say can’t be said better by another person — preferably one who is female.
Richard Grayson, Brooklyn