Monday, January 30, 1984

SHOW BUSINESS reports on Richard Grayson's Devil Broadcasting Company TV Network

Show Business reports today (Monday, January 30, 1984) on Richard Grayson's Devil Broadcasting Company TV network.

Saturday, January 14, 1984

The Orlando Sentinel Front-Page Article on Richard Grayson's Involvement in Florida's "Legislators in Love" Scandal

The Orlando Sentinel today (Saturday, January 14, 1984) has as its lead front-page article a story on Richard Grayson's involvement in Florida's "Legislators in Love" scandal.

Monday, January 9, 1984

PEOPLE Magazine covers Jane Wyman's reaction to being named presidential candidate Richard Grayson's Vice-Presidential running mate

In People magazine this week (January 9, 1984), actress Jane Wyman responds to being named Presidential candidate Richard Grayson's running mate for Vice President.