Sunday, August 27, 2000

Stuart (Fla.) News interviews Florida U.S. Senate candidate Richard Grayson

The Stuart News/Port St. Lucie News of Florida interviews write-in U.S. Senate candidate Richard Grayson today (Sunday, August 27, 2000) on page E8 of its Martin County editions:


Richard Grayson

age: 49

home town: Davie and Cyberspace

number of years at that location: 20

number of years resident of the city, county or district you seek to serve in office: 20

present employment: Author, "The Silicon Valley Diet" (self-employed)

military experience: Draft dodger, 1970-1973

education: BA, political science and MFA, creative writing - Brooklyn College; MA, English - College of Staten Island; J.D. - University of Florida College of Law

elected offices previously held: None

community activities: Gadfly and pain

immediate family
: Self, goldfish (Frisky) and occasional boyfriends

What reforms do you favor, to put social security on a sound long-term

We need to raise the current cap on FICA taxes so that incomes over $70,000 are taxed fully. We should raise the retirement age to 75 and increase payroll taxes. We should not put retirement funds at risk in the Wall Street casino.

What specific Florida concerns do you think most need federal attention, and what will you do to make sure they are addressed?

We must make sure Everglades restoration funds are authorized. Increased funding for education should be a federal priority. And the federal government should step in when Florida's moronic state legislators pass unconstitutional bills. Ending the phony "war on drugs" will make Florida a safer place.

In your view, what are the most pressing global concerns for the United States, and how would you address them?

In order to compete with other advanced nations, we must have universal health care, government-funded child care, and increased foreign aid to poor countries. We must end the embargo on Cuba and Iraq. The Senate should ratify international treaties promptly.

How well can our "downsized" military cope with evolving global risks? what changes in U.S. force size, structure or mission would you favor?

I would replace the entire military establishment at the Pentagon with the Girl Scouts of America, a volunteer organization that doesn't sanction huge cost overruns, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, or unworkable science fiction schemes - and their cookies are delicious, if eaten in moderation.

Other than topics mentioned, what do you see as major concerns?

Reparations for slavery must be paid. Increased government funding for the arts is a priority. The Senate must confirm federal judges promptly. We should end the federal death penalty and strengthen affirmative action. Finally, Americans are the fattest people on Earth. We need to lose weight. As a diet book author, I will encourage low-fat meals. I urge all Floridians who can write - admittedly, not a majority - to write me in for U.S. Senate.