Wednesday, September 15, 1982

Fort Lauderdale News: Gary Stein column on Richard Grayson and EATING AT ARBY'S

In the Fort Lauderdale News today (Wednesday, September 15, 1982) Gary Stein's column discusses Richard Grayson and Eating at Arby's.

Thursday, September 9, 1982

Small Press Review reviews Richard Grayson's LINCOLN'S DOCTOR'S DOG

The Small Press Review has reviewed Richard Grayson's Lincoln's Doctor's Dog on page 8 of its September 1982 issue and included the book as one of the month's selections in the Small Press Book Club:

Lincoln's Doctor's Dog & Other Stories by Richard Grayson (White Ewe Press). 5½x8½; 187 pages, $11.95/cloth.

Lincoln's Doctor's Dog & Other Stories is a collection of 22 fictions by Richard Grayson, all funny, all playful and all engaged in the shift from persona to person, from voice to voice that characterizes the wit of experimental fiction. Grayson achieves some startling effects in "A Sense of Porpoise," in which a porpoise replaces a boy's dead father. The situation produces the pun, but also some fine speculations on the relationship of child to parent. "Why Van Johnson Believes in ESP" has the character of both parody and the play that is at the heart of the new narrative technique. The complications of narrative voice become even greater, often funnier, sometimes more frightening, in the autobiographical stories about growing up in New York in the late 60s and early 70s.

Wednesday, September 1, 1982

Richard Grayson to Appear at Winthrop College Writers' Conference November 11-13, 1982

Richard Grayson will be among the writers who will be staff members at the Winthrop College Writers' Conference in Rock Hill, South Carolina on November 11-13, 1982.