Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Afternoon in Williamsburg: Opening of the Crest Fest Art Show at Crest Hardware

One of the joys of being back in Williamsburg for the summer -- we're now on the Southside, now just one block from Broadway and near the Marcy Avenue elevated station rather than one block from the Lorimer Street L train -- is going to events like Crest Hardware's annual Crest Fest art show. We attended the opening this afternoon of the world's greatest art show in a hardware store, and there was entertainment and a lot of special stuff along with the usual cutting edge visual art.
We saw a lot of cool people there, but aside from the wonderful owner of Crest Hardware, Joseph Franquinha, the only friends we recognized were being interviewed: Democratic District Leader/State Committeman Lincoln Restler and Assemblyman Joe Lentol (in plaid shirt, from the back), who, sadly, did not sing on stage outside.
However, cool bands like Aabaraki did.
We're grateful to be back in Williamsburg so we can just walk over to amazing events like the Crest Fest even if we now have to walk ten blocks rather than just one.