Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Morning in Rockaway Beach: The Sixth Annual Rockstock and Barrels Surf Festival

Although Saturday was a busy day for us, we managed to get to Beach 90th Street early today and catch the start of the fabulous Sixth Annual Rockstock and Barrels Surf Festival.
We got to see some of the Third Annual Rockstock and Barrels in 2009, and after a long winter in landlocked Arizona -- we stupidly turned up a chance to go to the beach at Malibu during April, when we were staying for weeks in L.A. -- we were glad to be here, because the last time we saw surfers was last September in Long Beach at the Quiksilver Pro New York. More coming . . . Of course, since we had to get to Brooklyn for work, we missed the best part of Rockstock and Barrels, practically everything that went on for hours afterwards: the surfing competition, the skate contest, the ten live bands. But we're glad we at least got to see the start of what must have been a really terrific day for all the people who showed up.

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