Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Morning in Jersey City: Breakfast at J. Owen Grundy Park

On this cool and cloudy, starting-to-drizzle morning, we took our breakfast with us on the PATH train to Exchange Place in Jersey City and were almost alone as we sat by the pier at J. Owen Grundy Park overlooking the Hudson. Just across the river was One World Trade Center, now almost at its full height. According to the official Jersey City website,
Originally constructed in 1985, J. Owen Grundy Park (at the foot of Exchange Place) has been visited by literally millions of people, as it offers one of the most dramatic views of the NYC skyline. It has been featured in numerous television shows and feature movies. Twenty five years of use, combined with the adverse effects of the climate, have prematurely aged the facility. The new J. Owen Grundy Park features a redesigned seawall and promenade extending from the Exchange Place down to York Street, with historic-styled lighting, as well as a new railing system that will frame views of the skyline on both sides of the river. The pier itself has been completely redesigned, providing shade structures, a variety of seating for lunch and relaxation, café and game tables, and a new performance & entertainment pavilion at the end of the pier.
Actually, this Saturday, June 16, from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m., 4th Street Arts is presenting Shangri-La on the Pier Saturday, June 16th, 2012 at 3pm on the panoramic J. Owen Grundy Pier in Jersey City, NJ. The inaugural
 year of this event promises amazing vistas and even more amazing music. Brooklyn’s Monogold will headline the event. The avant-indie trio has garnered national attention as of late for their complex, astonishing soundscapes. Asbury Park’s driving electronic power duo Brick and Mortar and pop synth Jersey native TEEEL will power the event’s lineup. Jersey City native sons The One and Nines and Thomas Francis Takes His Chances bring a fresh take on funk/soul and eclectic indie mayhem. Brooklyn’s Brums and Drass and I am the Heat will bring feet to the floor with both driving dance electronics and 60’s garage rock dance grooves. Central Jersey newcomer Hot Family round out the bill with their confounding, intense soundscapes. WPBR’s Motorfunker will be spinning throughout the day to keep the crowd moving. We probably won't be able to make it but we hope to come back to this pier in Jersey City again.

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