Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Afternoon in Williamsburg: Rubber Chicken Toss and Rubber Chicken Relay at the Fourth Annual Punk Rope Games at William Sheridan Playground

We missed some of the most popular sports events like the Long Rope at today's Fourth Annual Punk Rope Games in Williamsburg, at which teams of four compete fiercely for hipster athletic glory,
but we did arrive at William Sheridan Playground in time to thrill to the exciting One-on-One Rubber Chicken Toss and the Rubber Chicken Relay.
 It's too bad we got there too late to see individual matches in the Double Unders, Arm Cross, and Agility Jump, not to mention the team competition in Punk-Ups, Spoons, and Pull It Together. However, judging by the events involving rubber chickens, we may have been lucky since we'd forgotten to take our Inderal this morning.
It was a privilege and honor to watch teams like winners Team Phat Positive demonstrate their superior physical fitness against such fierce and fit competitors like the Asian Contagion, the Gang of Genghis Khan, Rope Hounds, and Team Henri, the Depressed French Cat. And the rubber chickens also are to be commended.
We're grateful we got to see live action at the Fourth Annual Punk Rope Games. Seriously.

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