Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Night in Williamsburg: Moviehouse's CinemaParque presents JL Aronson's "Last Summer on Coney Island" at Sternberg Park

Tonight we walked a few blocks to Sternberg Park for another one of the wonderful Moviehouse CinemaParque presentations, a documentary by JL Aronson, Last Summer on Coney Island,
which Gothamist called "a timely analysis of the redevelopment of Coney Island that delineates fact from rumor in the future of this American landmark, while documenting the relationships and culture that have influenced it."

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Afternoon in Prospect Park: EBE Ensemble presents "The Comedy of Errors" at the Music Pagoda

This afternoon the sun came out and the rains held off, and we got the fun of seeing this season's Shakespeare at the Pagoda in Prospect Park, with the talented EBE Ensemble presenting another terrifically entertaining show, a cleverly staged, laugh-filled production of The Comedy of Errors, directed by Elyzabeth Gorman.
We came slightly late -- after all these years, finding the Music Pagoda is still a bit challenging to us -- and didn't get a program, but we know from the EBE Ensemble website that the cast included Whit Leyenberger, Dylan C. Digel, David Jenkins, Thomas Muccioli, Josephine Ganner, KC Wright, Jordan Douglas Smith, Jessica Loudon, Noam Tomaschoff, Eric Alba, Olivia Hayes, Allyson Boate and Andrews Landsman.
So the only cast member we recognized was the company's artistic director, Eric Alba, whom we'd seen before as Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet and Brutus in Julius Caesar. Here he was one of two comic cops in a Sun Belt police officer's uniform playing one of Officers, Jailers, and Headsman.
Gorman's production uses informal contemporary costumes, nothing truly out of place in contemporary Brooklyn, and the more tedious parts of the text are thankfully dispensed with so that the comedy moves very fast and with a lot of laughs.
The two sets of twins -- the Antiphilos of Syracuse and Antiphilos of Ephesus and their slave Dromios -- are dressed almost alike and look pretty similar, but the actors taking the roles managed to imbue each character with a distinctive personality and particular comic tics.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Afternoon in Bushwick: Bushwick Block Party at Roberta's on Moore Street between Bogart and White

We had the pleasure of spending a little while on this drizzly, dark afternoon in the bright precincts of Bushwick, where the neighborhood's most justly renowned restaurant, Roberta's, threw the Bushwick Block Party, a twelve-hour extravaganza of entertainment, food, fun, drinks, and the nice hard-working residents of our neighborhood enjoying themselves the way only the cool people of Bushwick know how.
Did we mention that Bushwick is beautiful?
The people there certainly are.
It was a pleasure to spend even a couple of hours at this wonderful block party. ¡Muchas gracias a Roberta's y otras personas que hicieron posible esta gran fiesta!