Wednesday, May 28, 1980

New York Times letter by Richard Grayson: "Anderson Carter's Lot"

Today, Wednesday, May 28, 1980, the New York Times published a letter by Richard Grayson, "Anderson Carter's Lot":
To the Editor:

A recent report noting that Ronald Reagan's field director has resigned speculates about the reasons for the abrupt change in campaign personnel.

It seems clear to me that the former field director, Anderson Carter, probably left because his name, Anderson Carter, combined the surnames of Mr. Reagan’s two opponents for the Presidency. Through no fault of his own, Anderson Carter obviously was an embarrassment to the Reagan campaign.

Rockaway Park, N.Y, May 23, 1980

Wednesday, May 14, 1980

Chicago Sun-Times features Roger Simon column on Richard Grayson's registering the Nixon/Agnew in '80 Committee with Federal Election Commission

Today, Wednesday, May 14, 1980, the Chicago Sun-Times features a page 4 column by Roger Simon, "Dick, Spiro: The Look-Back Ticket," about Richard Grayson's registering the Nixon/Agnew in '80 Committee with the Federal Election Commission.

A related item appeared on the New York Post's Page Six.