Thursday, December 14, 2006

Book.of.the.Moment reviews Richard Grayson's AND TO THINK THAT HE KISSED HIM ON LORIMER STREET

On December 13, 2006, Book.of.the.Moment on MySpace reviewed Richard Grayson's And to Think That He Kissed Him on Lorimer Street:

About Richard Grayson's collection: His sense of humor is unlike any I've encountered before, and he expresses his wit through his creation of a diverse group of characters. "And to Think That he Kissed Him on Lorimer Street" introduces characters such as a teenage lesbian from Uzbekistan, and a black gay college student who debates poisoning his Pakistani roommate's therapy monkey. Grayson skillfully expands on his memories of the past with a pop culture study of sorts..weaving his past memories into his observations and experiences in the here and now. All this is done with a wit that caused me to laugh out loud.

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