Saturday, May 24, 2008

Concerned Parents: Fed Up With Abstinence Education? WHO WILL KISS THE PIG?: SEX STORIES FOR TEENS Can Be an Educational Tool for Your Child

Dear Concerned Parents:

Dumbo Books asks that you take note that the federal government has spent upwards of $1 billion over the last decade on abstinence-only sex education. The idea is that not teaching students about contraception, safe sex, etc., will lead to better outcomes, including less unwanted pregnancies and fewer sexually transmitted diseases.

Well, guess what? It turns out that teenagers are circumventing their abstinence education and having sex anyway!

Studies have repeatedly shown that abstinence-only students have almost the same number of sexual partners, and have sex almost as early, as students who receive traditional sex ed; they just don't have as much fun doing it.

In fact, abstinence-only programs may actually increase the risk of STDs and unintentional teen pregnancies. That’s because those abstinence-only students who do have sex tend to be less likely to use protection.

If you live in a school district where your children are subject to this horrible policy and want them to learn about hot teen sex in a responsible and comprehensive manner, what better way than to buy Richard Grayson's Who Will Kiss the Pig?: Sex Stories for Teens as an educational tool for your youngsters?

Author Richard Grayson took a class in AIDS Education and Human Sexuality at Teachers College, Columbia University, in the summer of 1990 and received the grade of A. This entitled him, if he had been a New York City schoolteacher, to teach "Family Living and Human Sexuality" in the largest school district in the United States. So he is an expert in this field!

The book is chock-full of great information for America's youth: facts and figures teens need to know about sex. But instead of being presented as dull "lessons," these kind of learning takes place within exciting narratives. That's edutainment!

For example, Professor Jochnowitz, a real-life professor emeritus much beloved at the College of Staten Island, makes a guest appearance on page 5, in the story "How to Become an Excitable Nun," to explain to the students in his History of English and the Romance Languages class, including a nun (though not the excitable one of the title), the etymology of the word cunt.

This kind of knowledge is absolutely necessary if your children are to make responsible decisions regarding what to do with their bodies.

Similarly, in the tale "Understanding Human Sexual Inadequacy" on pages 91-97 of Who Will Kiss the Pig?: Sex Stories for Teens, Carole and Izzy, Kevin and Shelli, and Elspeth and a whole lot of boys, learn not only about the physical facts but also the emotional aspects of fooling around. From page 93 of the book:
Finding the campus deserted, Kevin and Shelli go home...[and] read The National Lampoon. The laugh at a comic in which someone calls Adlai Stevenson "Fuckface." They also get into bed and have an exquisite time.

Kevin wonders if Shelli's feeling guilty about sex. He doesn't think he does. Shelli's new shrink, Dr. Russell, says she's attracted to Kevin because she can mother him. Anyway, Kevin thinks, Shelli seems to be getting better at it. . .

After their Patty Melts for lunch at the International House of Pancakes, Kevin and Shelli go shopping and come back home. They make love and lie naked in bed, talking for an hour. It'll be a great relief when her period comes.

Parents, don't you owe it to your children to provide them with this book?

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Special message for sex educators: To get your examination copy of Richard Grayson's Who Will Kiss the Pig?: Sex Stories for Teens to use as a textbook in your classes, please write to us from your school email account.

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