Thursday, February 8, 2007

Saturday Night on the Lower East Side: Words + Music with Gayle Brandeis & Kelley McRae at Bluestockings

This was posted to Richard Grayson's MySpace blog on February 7, 2007:

Great reading and performance at Bluestockings

This evening I went to one of my favorite bookstores, Bluestockings on the Lower East Side. The incredibly cool publicist Lauren Cerand (I've been to eight or nine events she's done, and every one has been terrific -- I wish I could afford her services myself!) had told me about WORDS + MUSIC, featuring Gayle Brandeis, an acquaintance I met on the website Readerville, reading from Self Storage, her new novel.

The book has gotten great reviews, and Gayle read an early section of the novel, dealing with an auction for the contents of abandoned self-storage units. The descriptions were so evocative, I am really looking forward to reading Self Storage.

The music for the evening was provided by Kelley McRae. I liked her "Johnny Cash" song and also a new song, "It's Another Beautiful Day," which seemed to be about the South Williamsburg neighborhood. You should check out Kelley's music, too.

I took the First Avenue bus to 14th Street, and after buying some groceries, went to get the L train home to Brooklyn. I go to the front so I can get out of the Lorimer Street exit on the Lorimer Street stop (most people get off at Union Avenue).

I'm at this station a lot, and I always seem to see, where I like to stand, by where the second car of the train will stop, a certain rodent. Nobody else was around, and as I was getting to my usual waiting place, I found myself saying (aloud -- yes), "Where is my rat friend?"

At that precise moment, the rat came out of the hole in the wall beside me and scurried down the end of the platform into another hole.

Okay, maybe it's a bunch of different rats. But I like to think I've been seeing the same guy for months.

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