Monday, June 1, 2009

Thanks to Dan Wickett and Emerging Writers Network for Short Story Month

Many thanks to the hard-working Dan Wickett for his yeoman work in May's Short Story Month at Emerging Writers Network. As Dan wrote earlier today:
We did end up doing 31 posts for stories from online journals, and 31 posts for stories from print journals, and 31 posts for stories from short story collections. There were also posts for 18 of the stories in the anthology, Visiting Hours (Press 53, 2008). . . was able to post 33 guest posts, recommending well over 40 books or stories, as well as 4 Short Story Mix Tapes. . . another 14 announcement posts, covering either other sites participating in Short Story Month, or story collection announcements. . . 15 old EWN reviews from 2000 through 2004 [of] story collections that are still deserving of wider recognition.

We're especially grateful to Dan for allowing us to participate with four guest posts on short story collections from the 1970s that we admire:

Carol Emshwiller's Joy in Our Cause,

Max Apple's The Oranging of America,

Warren Adler's The Sunset Gang,

Steve Katz's Creamy & Delicious.

All of these writers are over 65 (two are over 80) and still doing interesting work.

Thanks again to Dan Wickett and all the writers on Emerging Writers Network and elsewhere for making May Short Story Month.

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