Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Morning at the Junction and Downtown Brooklyn: More Black Friday Shopping at Triangle Junction, Atlantic Terminal and Atlantic Center

After getting off the B41 bus from our Kings Plaza Black Friday expedition, we went to Starbucks on Hillel Place, where our venti black iced tea was waiting for us by the time we reached the register. Then we stopped off at the Triangle Junction Mall's Target and new AJ Wright stores before heading home.

It did seem more crowded at the Junction's Target than it did Black Friday last year, but as in Kings Plaza, nobody was in a frenzy.

Again, lots of people seemed to be buying stuff, but it was clear that a good proportion of them were there for specific items they'd seen as specials.

And some people looked as if they were doing their regular grocery shopping placidly amid the holiday sales, like this young man picking out some gourmet coffee.

At the AJ Wright store, which took over the space vacated by the bankrupt Circuit City, things were about the same. We were ready to go back home to Williamsburg so we got on the 5 train to Atlantic Avenue, where we get out and change for the G train at Fulton Street by Lafayette, but first we checked the Atlantic Terminal shopping.

The Target here was more jam-packed the Target at the Junction, but it usually draws a bigger crowd. We've heard that this Target is one of the most profitable in the whole chain.

It was like the subway at rush hour when we attempted to leave the store via the bridge over Fort Greene Place to get to the Atlantic Center sister mall of the Atlantic Terminal.

There we found truly large crowds at all the big-box national and regional chains.

It was a little too much for us, and longing for the open air, we didn't stay long.

On our way to the G train back to Williamsburg, we figured we saved a ton of money on this Black Friday at three Brooklyn shopping malls. That's because we didn't buy a single item. Let's hope, for the sake of the U.S. economy, there are fewer penny-pinchers like us.

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