Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Night in Red Hook: The 17th Annual Red Hook Fest's Youth Kick-Off Event at Coffey Park

We were being driven to a birthday dinner at what was said to be "a very fashionable place" in Red Hook this evening when we stopped off for a little while in Coffey Park for the Youth Kick-Off Event of tomorrow's seventeenth annual Red Hook Fest, sponsored by Dance Theatre Etcetra.

We're going out of town for a bat mitzvah tomorrow, but you can see an incredible number of performances at Louis J. Valentino Park (The Pier).

Here's Dance Theatre Etcetra's mission statement:
Premised on the belief that the arts are an effective vehicle for social transformation, Dance Theatre Etcetera unites artists and community members as co-creators in dynamic cultural activities. Through site-specific performances, festivals, parades, and performing arts and media education programs, Dance Theatre Etcetera stimulates the social imagination through acts of informed expression.

We watched some performances featuring groups like RIOT ACT! Police-Teen Theater Project and the South Brooklyn Community High School TheatreWorks and were impressed.

It's always fun to see cops behaving badly and having to apologize to teenagers.

Some of the events called for audience participation.

We saw some cute stuff, but

we couldn't stay long because we were excited to go onto our birthday dinner at that "very fashionable place" we were promised.

It turned out to be the cafeteria of a big furniture store.

Well, it's always nice to have friends remember your birthday, even if they are as cheap as you are.

And we did get to pick out our own present after the Swedish meatballs.

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