Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wednesday NIght at the McCarren Park Ballfields: Summerscreen presents "Say Anything"

After hibernating during the worst of the heat wave, we went out as soon as the sky darkened today and walked over to the ballfields at McCarren Park for this season's opener in The L Magazine's Summerscreen series, Say Anything.

Coincidentally (or is it NYC hipster mag rivalry?), Time Out New York has the film as #1 on its list of "10 Movies Hipsters Need to Get Over":
Hipsters and John Cusack go together like peas and carrots. From Better Off Dead (which, like, don’t mess with, okay?) to High Fidelity to Hot Tub Time Machine, he’s emo narcissism and nostalgic irony all rolled into one. While we enjoyed Say Anything…, the first time around, the fact that it’s inspired two indie bands and a million T-shirts means it’s seriously overplayed. And ladies: I think we know what it means to date a guy who sees Lloyd Dobler as some kind of perma-teen role model. If we see one more dude hoist a boom box over his head...

We first saw it when it came out in 1989, when we were 38, so we can't imagine most of the people (largely twentysometing hipsters, some thirtysomething hipsters, a handful of our fellow oldsters, and three Hasidic dudes) at Summerscreen saw it then.

Anyway, we like it, but we're aged enough so that we never had to "get over" it, and besides, we never sold anything, bought anything, or processed anything as a career, so we enjoyed it again last night. So did a young person up front who called it "a really fun cute first date thing to do."

Thanks to The L Magazine and Summerscreen for getting us out of the house.

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