Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Morning in the Flatiron District: Mad. Sq. Kids presents The Jimmies at Madison Square Park

At Madison Square Park this morning, kids of all ages, though mostly extremely short ones, were rocking out to the sounds of The Jimmies, the truly dynamite kindierock band, who played under the auspices of the Mad. Sq. Kids program.

Ashley Albert and her crew really got the crowd hopping and swinging. The New York Times called them "clever enough to tickle adults" and this is from
Seriously, the best thing about The Jimmies is that I don’t just tolerate them, I love them. The songs are real songs, not dumbed-down hokey nursery rhymes. We can sing together, and we both enjoy it… unlike some other kids’ “bands”. Not to mention the videos are wonderfully done: whimsical, magical, downright beautiful. Absolutely fantastic and wonderfully geeky.

It was all spectacularly great, but our favorite was the stuff-you-can-put-on-your-shirt song, with even a plug for the nearby Shake Shack.

Seriously, this was all really cool. We mean it was kinda hot and humid, but really, really cool. They gave out "shakers," little eggs that made noise when you shook them.

Our second favorite song was the tribute to the beloved Punxsutawney Phil. And Ashley had this cute little groundhog puppet. We just wanted to give him a groundhug!

Most of the crowd came to Madison Square Park via green transportation.

It was a fun time. The kids totally enjoyed themselves, and even big kids applauded.

What a nice time! Thanks to The Jimmies and Mad. Sq. Kids!

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