Friday, November 5, 2010

Late Friday Afternoon at Brooklyn College: BC Alum Senator Barbara Boxer Brick in Front of Brooklyn College Library

This afternoon we were walking on the Brooklyn College campus in front of the library (which we still, after all these years, continue to think of as LaGuardia Hall, in whose lobby or second floor we were probably hanging out forty years ago today) and looked down and saw a brick honoring Senator Barbara Boxer, who graduated here in 1962.

Congratulations to Senator Boxer on this past Tuesday's victory in her hard re-election fight in California.

Just to the east, in Arizona, we didn't fare as well. Running for the House of Representatives in Arizona's Sixth Congressional District on the Green Party ticket, we finished fourth, with a miserable 1.33% of the vote.

Muchas gracias to the more than 3,400 people who voted for us. Since our absentee ballot never arrived, we couldn't even vote for ourselves as we did in our September primary, which we won with only six write-in votes (and then we had to win a case in federal court to stay on the November ballot!). As we wrote on our campaign blog, Cactus State voters won't have Dick Grayson to kick around anymore. But don't cry for us, Arizona.

Cheer for Senator Barbara Boxer and the other good liberal who survived the tsunami election of 2010.

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