Sunday, December 26, 2010

"MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION: A 21-Year-Old Looks at the Democrats, 1972" by Richard Grayson now available at Amazon Kindle Store

Richard Grayson's MIAMI BEACH CONVENTION: A 21-Year-Old Looks at the Democrats, 1972 is now available at Amazon's Kindle Store for 99¢ from its publisher, Art Pants Company.

Here is the promo material for the 45-page $5.99 paperback edition from Superstition Mountain Press:
It's July 1972, four years after the tumultuous and riot-torn Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Republican Richard Nixon is seeking re-election, and a different kind of Democratic party - spearheaded by young people, feminists and antiwar activists - meets in Miami Beach to nominate the populist peace candidate George McGovern.

Acclaimed author and diarist Richard Grayson (The Brooklyn Diaries, With Hitler in New York, I Brake for Delmore Schwartz) is 21, and he and three other college students from Brooklyn and Queens have trekked to the convention after they'd gotten Mikey, one of the group, elected as an official delegate. Grayson's diary entries, at once naive and knowing, provide a fascinating look at this seminal moment in American politics.

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