Saturday, February 5, 2011

Richard Grayson's HOW TO GET A NUN INTO BED now available at Amazon Kindle Store

Richard Grayson's HOW TO GET A NUN INTO BED (And How to Get Her Out When the Time Comes), is now available from its publisher, Art Pants Company, for 99 cents, from the Amazon Kindle Store. It is also available as a $6.99 Canarsie House paperback book at Lulu or as a free download.

From the promotional material for HOW TO GET A NUN INTO BED:
In this short, breezy book of expert advice, Richard Grayson -- a man who knows his way around a bedroom -- gives detailed, fail-free instructions on how to get a nun into bed (and how to get her out when the time comes). Follow Grayson's step-by-step tips and you'll soon be getting nuns into bed with ease -- and getting lots of pleasure and satisfaction out of it! For mature readers over 18 only!

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