Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Forty-Five Years Ago in Brooklyn - October 6, 1965: New York City Councilman Paul O'Dwyer Letter to Richard Grayson

On October 6, 1965, New York City Councilman Paul O'Dwyer (At Large-Manhattan) wrote a letter thanking a 14-year-old boy in Brooklyn for his support in the Democratic mayoral primary. O'Dwyer, who would in 1968 become the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator for whom we campaigned in Mill Basin and other Brooklyn neighborhoods, and who would later serve as City Council President, wrote:
October 6, 1965


Mr. Richard Grayson
1607 East 56th Street
Brooklyn, N.Y. 11234

My dear Richard:

Thanks for the good wishes expressed during the course of my recent campaign, and it is very refreshing to see a boy of your age taking an interest in the political problems of our times.

Keep it up. We need you.

Yours sincerely,
Paul O'Dwyer

Above is a pic we took of Paul speaking from a flatbed truck on Hicks Street by Montague Street (just by the Brooklyn Heights Promenade at a summer 1970 antiwar rally.

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