Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday Afternoon in Apache Junction: Election Day Voting at Cactus Canyon Junior High School

Today was Election Day in Apache Junction, so in late afternoon we moseyed over to Cactus Canyon Junior High School

to do our civic duty in our fair city.

One council member was facing a recall election

and three other council seats were also up.

Leading citizens debated the issues outside the polling place.

It was a beautiful afternoon, sunny and about 73 degrees, perfect weather for casting a ballot.

When we gave our yellow voter registration card (we are one of our 5,000 Arizonans who belong to the Green Party and had the honor of being our party's candidate for Congress last November), we got a green ticket

to get our ballot.

We voted to re-elect our incumbent A.J. mayor -- not that we had any choice.

We fed our marked ballot into the machine

and got our "I voted" sticker.

Tonight we'll watch the exciting election returns.


Pete said...

So, what's it like to be the youngest person in town?

Richard said...

That would be my 50yo brother. My 56yo brother is next. I'm just the third youngest person, or maybe fourth.