Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Morning in Downtown Phoenix: Stop the War on Women Rally at the Arizona State Capitol

This morning we were at the State Capitol in Phoenix at the opening session of the Arizona state legislature to join the Stop the War on Women Rally

sponsored by AZ NOW, NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona, Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, and Arizona List.

As the call to action said,
In our state legislature, the war on women wages on and the future of women’s health hangs in the balance.

During the 2011 Arizona legislative session, anti-choice legislators passed extreme legislation preventing women and families from accessing care and limiting health care professionals from providing needed services.

In 2012, women have the power to choose which candidates will ultimately determine whether our health care will remain accessible.

Join Arizona List, BPW, Phoenix/Scottsdale NOW, NARAL Pro-Choice Arizona and Planned Parenthood Arizona on Monday, January 9—the opening day of the Arizona Legislature—as women from across Arizona gather at the Capitol

to remind our legislators… women are watching, educating their friends, sharing, taking action, and WE WILL BE VOTING.

This was one of the best demonstrations for women's rights we've seen since August 26, 1970, when as an 18-year-old boy we were at City Hall Park in New York for the fiftieth anniversary celebration of the passage of the Nineteenth Amendment guaranteeing women's suffrage, when we took photos of second-wave feminism's icons like Betty Freidan, Bella Abzug, Elinor Guggenheimer and others before the historic march for women's rights that day.

Someone took a pic of us expressing our devotion to Planned Parenthood, one of our favorite organizations of all time.

We're grateful to the organizations and advocates who made today's Stop the War on Women rally at the Arizona State Capitol such a rousing success.

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Sandy Price said...

Thanks for taking some great pictures. I was busy raising money for a Clean Elections campaign candidate, Marcia Busching, and didn't have time to do both. I've posted a link on my fb page to your blog!