Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday Morning at the Barclays Center: Long Lines for Shuttle Buses to Manhattan After Hurricane Sandy Floods Subway Tunnels

Some subway lines began their first limited service this morning, but there is no subway link from Brooklyn to Manhattan, only shuttle buses to take people over the bridges from Hewes Street and Broadway, at the current end of the J/M/Z trains, a couple of blocks from where we spent the summer in Williamsburg; from the A/C/F/R temporary terminus at Jay Street/MetroTech; and from the big transit hub now called Atlantic Avenue/Barclays Center.
On our uneventful R train ride from Bay Ridge, as we disembarked at Atlantic (the R station was, once upon a time, called "Pacific Street"), a loudspeaker warned us and people getting off the D train across the platform that if we wanted to avoid overcrowding on the Barclays Center shuttle buses, we should get back on the R train and take it to Jay Street.

When we got upstairs, outside the striking new arena (tonight's Nets/Knicks opener was canceled), we saw why: the lines seemed endless and slow, the buses lined up one after another but not really enough to handle the number of people who wanted to get into Manhattan. 
After listening to some people saying they'd already waited an hour, we decided to forget about going into the city and take the B38 bus into Bed-Stuy in place of the not-running G train. We are grateful some subways are running, but New York won't be New York until we can get from Manhattan to Brooklyn and back via the subway tunnels.

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