Friday, April 19, 2013

Friday Night in Williamsburg: The Veda Rays, Grand Resort, Eastern Hollows, Fan-Tan and Rob Karpay at Muchmore's

Dean Keim began his comprhensive and perceptive My Social List review of tonight's show at Muchmore's:
A hot and sweaty show overtook the intimate out-of-the way Williamsburg DIY spot Muchmore’s. . . Their cheap bar and welcoming opening cafĂ© opens to the adjacent dimly lit stage room lined with couches and mural art sprawled across the walls. The bill was comprised of a number of local Brooklyn bands whom often appear in extremely muted lighting together, however, none of them were formed from the same cookie cutter genres, they craft diverse sounds. Each was ready to bake your face off with amazing rock and roll.
The entire thoughtful review is well worth reading, and thanks to Dean Keim also for these videos from the show:

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