Saturday, August 24, 2013

Saturday in Fort Greene: The Ninth Annual AfroPunk Fest in Commodore Barry Park

(Video courtesy WhoIsMartymar)
This weekend, the ninth annual Afropunk Festival again took over Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn to showcase dozens of artists of color, spread across genres from thrash hardcore to ultra-current hip-hop, from New Orleans bounce to good time soul review. As always, from entry to exit, it's about the best-run festival the city has to offer: pleasant, on-time, easy to move around within. You can easily catch at least a portion of every artists' set, while still having time to grab a bite or a beer, participate in some sort of extreme sport, or just people-watch at one of the most vibrant fashion weekends of the year. . . A big music event in Brooklyn where no one played a cheesy hits medley! Where the performances didn't leave you feeling kind of gross and sad and too old to be witnessing them! Imagine...
- Jeff Klingman at The L Magazine
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