Wednesday, May 28, 2014

65 Years Ago Today in Crown Heights: Our Parents' Wedding at the Park Manor -- and, yes, they are still married!

Happy 65th Anniversary to Our Mom and Dad
Mom & Dad on the beach in Rockaway Beach, July 1945

Mom & Dad at the bungalows of Rockaway Beach, September 4, 1946

Since we haven't been able to find any anniversary cards above the 60th (oddly, five years ago we were unable to find any of those), this is the best we can do for our mom and dad, Marilyn and Daniel Grayson.

They were married sixty-five years ago today, on May 28, 1949 at the Park Manor on Eastern Parkway and Rogers Avenue, then considered the premier kosher catering hall in Brooklyn; now it's the First Baptist Church of Crown Heights, which we lived around the corner from just a few months ago.  (Photo copyright Matthew X. Kiernan)

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