Monday, September 14, 2015

New York Fashion Week News Conversation with Vivienne Tam mentions Richard Grayson's story "With Hitler in New York"

Editor Chris Collie's introduction (written ith Pablo Avion) to a conversation with designer Vivienne Tam in New York Fashion Week News today, September 14, 2015, mentions Richard Grayson's story "With Hitler in New York":
Tam is widely regarded as the doyenne of “East-meets-West fusion” couture. She made her debut with 1983’s “East Wind Code,” and she’s a humble presence and soft-spoken person. But whether it’s writing about Sean Combs for TIME, creating a controversial line around a despot, or embracing the latest technology: Tam is anything but shy.
She began by selling her designs out of a duffel bag to Henri Bendel.
But her breakthrough came with a collection centered around Chairman Mao Zedong — a controversial figure credited variously with driving imperialism out of China, modernizing the nation, and causing the deaths of 40 to 70 million people through starvation, forced labor and executions. In the collection, Mao is depicted playfully, even charmingly. The effect is at once lighthearted and disturbing; rather like Richard Grayson’s surrealist story, “With Hitler in New York.”
Tam will make you think.

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