Thursday, February 4, 2016

Wyoming Democratic Congressional Candidate Richard Grayson Quits Race in Cowboy State, Will Now Run as Lone Democrat in Idaho's Second Congressional District

The Casper Star-Tribune's Laura Hancock has an article today, February 4, 2016, discussing the entrant of a Wyoming resident into the race for the state's congressional seat and the promised withdrawal of the candidacy of Brooklyn resident Richard Grayson, who is now running for the Democratic nomination in Idaho's Second Congressional District:
A Rock Springs man who works in the energy industry has entered the race for U.S. House – the first Democrat who lives in Wyoming to seek the office.
Ryan Greene, 33, is a political newcomer who describes himself as a news buff, political junkie and voter.
The other Democrat in the race for Wyoming’s lone House seat has quit his campaign. Richard Grayson, 64, lives outside the state. He had been running to motivate Wyoming Democrats to step up. . .
Greene’s entry into the race marks the exit of Richard Grayson, a Democrat who splits his time between Brooklyn, New York, and the Phoenix area. He promised that once a Democrat from Wyoming entered the race, he’d drop out. He’s living up to that campaign promise.
“Yes, I said I'd drop out once there was another Democratic candidate, and I'm keeping my word,” he said. Grayson is now running for U.S. House in Idaho’s second Congressional district, which runs along Wyoming’ western border. Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Simpson has no Democratic challenger in that race.
“Once someone files in (the second district) as a Democrat, I quit there, and I'll go to (the first district) 1 or another state where there's no Democrat running for Congress and file there... all the way to Louisiana's deadline in July -- unless the Long Island Psychic can assure me Democrats will be running everywhere,” he said in an email, referring to psychic Theresa Caputo's upcoming visit to Casper.

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