Saturday, January 31, 2009

Adding It Up: We review the February 1, 2009 Sunday New York Times Book Review

The New York Times Book Review for February 1, 2009 is 24 pages.

The cover has no ads. Since other sections of the paper, including the front page, now have ads, we think ads would be a good idea here.

Page 2: Big ad for The New York Times Almanac with The Editors' "Up Front" column. Sorry, counts as no ads.

Page 3: Table of contents page has side ad for Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. (a competitor of Dumbo Books!).

Page 4: Letters page has bigger side ad for Delta Trade Paperbacks' Polly Evans.

Page 5: First inside review page has little side ad for Delacorte Press.

Page 6: Little side ad for Other Press. (Notice the caps: we are not just trying not to name a competitor!)

Page 7: No ads.

Page 8: No ads.

Page 9: Nada.

Page 10: Nope.

Page 11: No ads.

Page 12: Bupkis.

Page 13: Nice pic of Joseph P. Kennedy, but no ads.

Page 14: Zilch.

Paga 15: Nothing in the way of ads.

Page 16: No ads.

Page 17: No ads.

Page 18: No ads.

Page 19: Nothing.

Page 20: No ads.

Page 21: Finally, big side ad next to paperback best sellers list. Wait, it's for The New York Times Store. Sorry, this doesn't count. Again, no ads.

Page 22: Okay, we have on the left side two real ads for University of Virginia Press and, oh, wait, it's The New York Times store again. And on the right, going down the page, a little box for the memoirs of a psychoanalyst that is available at and, just like Dumbo Books books! Then the book exchange with three classified ads (two "books wanted," one "printing related services") and then a larger ad for. . . The New York Times Store. Well, it is for a book.

Page 23: Essay page has no ads. What would Sontag do?

Page 24: Full-page ad in the back. Bauman Rare Books comes through again! Thanks, fellas! You are indeed a rare find.

Adding it up: Generously, two and one-third pages of ads out of 24 pages.

We are sending a dozen cannolis to the Times display advertising department so they will have something to keep their energy up this week.

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