Monday, November 21, 1988

New York Post & Business Week cover Richard Grayson's $25.4 Billion Takeover Bid for RJR Nabisco

Richard Grayson's $25.4 billion takeover bid for RJR Nabisco has Wall Street buzzing and is covered by the New York Post (October 29, 1988) and Business Week (November 21, 1988).


Pete said...

Oh man, that's priceless. I had no idea you did this back then. You could quite easily reprise this on Wall Street today, though you'd have to add a few decimal places to save the entire financial industry from itself.

Richard said...

I made almost $20 in just a few hours and got a lot of advice.

Many people would start to pass me stonefaced, assuming I was an ordinary beggar (very common during the Reagan years), read the sign, and suddenly recognition would come and they'd smile - but it was often after they'd pass me that it registered and they'd do a double-take.