Monday, July 3, 2006

QueerType on Richard Grayson's WITH HITLER IN NEW YORK

Jameson Currier writes about "With Hitler in New York" at his blog QueerType on July 2, 2006:

Three Discoveries: During the spring, works by three writers came to my attention that I can highly recommend, one is Richard Grayson's surreal and thought-provoking short story, "With Hitler in New York," which was also the title of a collection of his short stories that were published in the late 1970s and which has been recently reissued. In the story, Hitler becomes a stand-in for the alienation and discrimination many Germans felt in the decades after the war. The story is readable on-line via a link on Grayson's Web Site. ( Grayson also has an impressive political background (in the 1980s he was a Presidential candidate), but it is his short fiction that intrigues me most. His other collections worth exploring are Let Slip the Dogs of War, Lincoln's Doctor's Dog and Other Stories, and his most recent collection, And to Think He Kissed Him on Lorimer Street.

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