Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Evening in Williamsburg: Kent Avenue Crowd Outside the Final 2009 East River State Park JellyNYC Pool Party, Listening to Grizzly Bear

Around 6 p.m. we moseyed over to East River State Park after remembering today was the last pool party of 2009. We weren't sure we could get in, but we figured we might be able to hear Grizzly Bear. After all, at the McCarren pool, we enjoyed hearing some groups, such as MGMT, over the past few years even when we couldn't get in.

What we didn't expect was the massive crowd of hipsters who'd shown up and either were wary of waiting on the long line on Kent Avenue to get into the park or just decided it was fun enough to wander up and down the street.

It was like an Easter parade for hipsters. Nobody seemed particularly angry. Nobody was grousing or growling. It felt festive.

The cops were on bullhorns and even in a police van rolling down Kent Avenue (closed off for traffic) imploring people to get out of the street and onto the sidewalks. The cop in the police van kept telling people to get on line if they wanted to get in to the park and get drunk and see Grizzly Bear.

The cop even smiled and waved to the kids hanging out on the sidewalk.

Actually, the line was long but it was moving.

People who'd been there all day were coming out little by little despite Grizzly Bear. Maybe some people were tired or just don't like Grizzly Bear.

There were pizza deliveries to the crowd sitting on the sidewalk on the east side of Kent Avenue by the vacant new condos.

Dig in! It's Fornino's best!

These people are too young to know about sit-in strikes, right?

Or "up against the wall, motherfuckers"?

There was lots of texting going on, quite a bit of cigarette smoking, and yeah, some people were listening to the music, which was surprisingly clear, even as far away as Wythe Avenue.

Anyway, some of us on Kent Avenue enjoyed ourselves immensely. If you can have a pool party without a pool, why do you need a park? And don't we see enough of Chuck Schumer, Beyonce and Jay-Z without having to look at them in person?

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