Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Morning in Williamsburg: Complacencies of the Peignoir and Nature in Our Own Backyard

After getting our laundry done at the Metro Laundromat by 7 a.m., we headed for our own Dumbo Books HQ backyard, which on this late summer Sunday morning seems to be returning to a state of nature.

Who says Williamsburg isn't green?

The grapes on the vine look good.

Four hundred years ago, when Henry Hudson sailed, we figure much of north Brooklyn looked like this, no? Only without apartment buildings.

Some of the figs have ripened, but most have not, it looks like.

These buildings face Metropolitan Avenue.

It was cloudy and cool early this morning.

Twice we got tangled up in the vines as they met and held us prisoner momentarily.

We really like the vines getting all tangled.

The vines are climbing up the fire escapes.

And plants are growing by the steps to the back door.

We're really, really grateful to have use of this great Williamsburg backyard.

It's a perfect place to sit early Sunday morning to drink iced tea and read the newspaper.

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