Friday, March 5, 2010

DR. PATEL'S PLANETS by Richard Grayson now available at Amazon Kindle store

Richard Grayson's Dr. Patel's Planets is now available at Amazon's Kindle Store for 99¢.

Here is the promo material for the 137-page $7.99 paperback edition from Art Pants Company:

DR. PATEL'S PLANETS collects nine of Richard Grayson's most affecting stories. Originally published in literary magazines and webzines between 1975 and 2006, the narratives in DR. PATEL'S PLANETS feature such diverse characters as alienated teenagers flirting in the 1970s, a middle-aged gay teacher with prostate cancer, denizens of computer labs and flea markets in 1980s South Florida, a college student finding love in a pre-Katrina New Orleans supermarket, an Indian-American physician on the lookout for extra-solar worlds, and a cuddly Vietnamese pig waiting for a law professor.

The stories in Dr. Patel's Planets originally appeared in the webzines Pindeldyboz, Eclectica, Six Little Things and Spillway Review and the magazines New Writers, Hanging Loose, Lynx Eye and Washington Review of the Arts.

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