Saturday, March 6, 2010

SIXTEEN ATTEMPTS TO JUSTIFY MY EXISTENCE by Richard Grayson now available at Amazon Kindle store

Richard Grayson's Sixteen Attempts to Justify My Existence is now available at Amazon's Kindle Store for 99¢.

Here is the promo material for the 114-page $6.99 paperback edition from Art Pants Company:

A boy puts Pepto-Bismol tablets in his socks during gym class with a hated teacher. Two college students wear yarmulkes so they can smoke marijuana in public without being arrested. A car thief thoughtfully returns his victim's overdue books to the Brooklyn Public Library. A teenage boy lists 69 reasons men should date his Aunt Aisha. A governor facing re-election is haunted by his dead mother and his habit of eating sand.

In the oddball pieces, fictional or perhaps not, by Richard Grayson, a writer hailed by Publishers Weekly as "a versatile, interesting experimenter," SIXTEEN ATTEMPTS TO JUSTIFY MY EXISTENCE presents an infinite number of reasons to read the work of an author Library Journal called "a born storyteller and standup talker."

The pieces in Sixteen Attempts to Justify My Existence originally appeared in the magazines Foothill Quarterly, Pikestaff Forum, X: A Journal of the Arts and Harpoon; the webzines 55 Words, Thieves Jargon and Tuesday Shorts; and the blog Edward Champion's Return of the Reluctant.

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