Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Afternoon in Soho: Fool's Gold Records presents DAY OFF Labor Day party at City Winery Backyard

We went over for a little while this absolutely beautiful Labor Day afternoon

to the incredible DAY OFF party

presented by Fool’s Gold

– the trendsetting indie label founded by DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs

at the really nice backyard of City Winery - the premier spot for klezmer brunch and more - in Soho.

Okay, the backyard is really a parking lot

in back of the building on Spring Street between Varick and Hudson,

but it felt like a real backyard

except there was no lawn to mow beforehand so it wouldn't look like you didn't care.

The all-ages event - still going on now for a few more hours,

and likely even more fun - featured guest raps

from Yelawolf, Pill and Donnis,

DJ sets from The Brothers Macklovitch (A-Trak & Dave1), Just Blaze, Craze, Klever, Kill The Noise and Nick Catchdubs, and a live performance by The Suzan.

Also, The Suzan's car was there

next to the ice cream truck.

It was a family affair, with their friends from Scion, The Fader, LTD+, Slow Roast, Jelly

and more on board to make it a can’t-miss party,

so if you missed it, you're not pictured here!

There were great drinks, apparently,

although as usual, we were probably the only teetotaler there.

Which is probably we didn't understand why there was so much more beer than wine at City Winery. Don't they taste basically the same?

Actually, there were soft drinks too, for the two little kids we saw and us.

DAY OFF comes hot off the heels of Fool’s Gold’s

sold-out Discotheque tour earlier this month in conjunction with Stones Throw, and the Fool's Gold-curated “Pool’s Gold” event

with Chromeo, Kid Sister, Telephoned and more at the Jelly Pool Party that we missed due to being frightened by severe thunderstorms.

This great DAY OFF party was yet another showcase for Fool's Gold's continually expanding catalog of forward-thinking, genre-blurring club music from the likes of Congorock, LA Riots, Kingdom, Kid Sister, Nacho Lovers and others.

Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for more Fool’s Gold music, including the Fools’ Gold Vol. 1 compilation LP (watch that apostrophe move!).

Also coming is The Suzan’s full-length Golden Week For The Poco Poco Beat this fall.

They're cute, funky and Japanese, reason enough to love them.

And there'll be a massive CMJ event (doubling as the label’s 3-year anniversary) that folks are already talking about,

a U.S. label tour, and many more new singles and surprises.

There were more cool people here than we'd ever seen in one place in our sixty years on this planet.

We're really grateful - and you should be too - for Fool's Gold laboring to produce such a great DAY OFF this Labor Day.

Too bad we go back to work in the morning :(

JK! We love our four jobs!

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