Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Morning in Mesa: Breakfast at Dobson Ranch Park

After going to the nursing home to see our mom for her breakfast, we drove west on the Superstition Freeway to Dobson Road, where we lived just south of the freeway from August 2000 to May 2011 at 1651 S. Dobson Road

and went to the Starbucks next door to our old apartment complex (it was called Quail Creek back in the day) to get iced tea, oatmeal and the Sunday New York Times

which we took down to Dobson Ranch Park

for our own breakfast.

The ten months we lived here were a difficult time in our life and we often came to the park for solace.

We first were here in June 1998, when we were staying with our brother, who had a little bungalow originally built for residents at Mesa Lutheran Hospital across the street (it's since moved). On Thursday nights they used to have free park concerts at this area just outside the Dobson Ranch Branch of the Mesa library, and we had a nice time.

Usually when we lived here in 2000-01, we would head for a bench after we went to the library

and would read one of the books we'd taken out.

That year we were teaching Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 7:30 a.m. at Mesa Community College's campus at Arizona and could walk over the freeway at Dobson to Southern Avenue.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings we'd make the short drive to Arizona State, just over the border in Tempe. We'd often come to Dobson Ranch Park in the afternoons when it was nice.

This morning it was almost deserted

except for a few of us early birds.

For a long time we've been grateful for Dobson Ranch Park being here.

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