Saturday, October 1, 2011

Friday Night in Williamsburg: Moviehouse presents "The Blue Wall Project" by Itziar Barrio on Metropolitan Avenue between Wythe and Berry

This evening we watched about 45 minutes of "The Blue Wall Project," a public video installation by renowned artist Itziar Barrio, a presentation of the dedicated folks at Moviehouse with the help of other cultural organizations.

It was supposed to be shown on a blue wall in front of a lot at 105 Metropolitan Avenue, on the north side of the street between Wythe and Berry, but when we arrived, the video was being presented on the outside wall of the building next door.

It was still fascinating to watch. As the promo material notes, the project
examines the impermanent and historical notions of the city as well as New York’s constantly shifting landscape as a physical manifestation of impermanence.

The project deals with the temporality of the city landscape as well as our daily interaction with the urban fixtures as well as the fine line between public and private space.

A site specific video has been created for the project that generates a new fiction based on the historic memory of the place and the plans for the future of the space.

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