Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Afternoon in Williamsburg: Italian Flags on Columbus Day on Lorimer and Conselyea Streets

It's been a gorgeous Indian summer holiday weekend in Brooklyn. Unfortunately, we've been disabled with tendinitis tibialis posterior for the past four days, and from Friday to Sunday we only were able to walk as far as our porch, where we did sit outside and watch the passing scene, pretending it was early June or maybe late August.

Today we had off for Columbus Day, and of course the holiday is controversial, as it should be, given the genocide of the indigenous population of the Americas (having used "Indian summer" in this post and in a book title, we're hoping people aren't offended).

But here, on our block and around the corner -- about as far as we could travel on our poor feet today -- Columbus Day is largely a celebration of all things Italian, as it is right here, home of the Giglio Boys:

So Italian flags and the red, white and green colors were evident, even if there were used to be more of them in this part of Williamsburg back in the day.

We watched the parade on channel 7 and especially enjoyed the rendition of "Al Di La."

If we'd been more mobile, we'd have been at a lower Manhattan location honoring one of many great Italian-Americans: Zuccotti Park, where many people took advantage of the holiday and wonderful weather to join Occupation Wall Street. Including kids off from school.

So Columbus Day can't be all that bad.

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