Monday, October 15, 2012

That's My Congress: "Absurdist Candidate Rises in Absurd Climate: Richard Grayson for Congress in Arizona"

That's My Congress, a politically independent journal of the campaigns and legislation of the United States Congress, covers our candidacy for Congress in Arizona's Fourth Congressional District:
Running against conservative Republican incumbent Paul Gosar in Arizona’s 4th Congressional District, Americans Elect party candidate Richard Grayson reacts to the absurdity of modern politics with absurdist rhetoric:
Q: What effects have the Citizens United ruling had on this year’s election process so far? Do you see them as positive or negative, and why?
Grayson: It’s hard to say; I need to watch more campaign ads. I favor a Constitutional amendment to reverse the ruling so we don’t have unlimited anonymous donors. I never spent a dime on my campaigns. They should be publicly financed. I want votes only from the one percent – not the richest, the elite. I also demand that if people want to vote for me, they must read five books. See the list on my website at

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