Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tuesday Morning in Prospect Heights: Breakfast at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

After more than three wonderful summer months living la vida loca on the vibrant Southside of Williamsburg - this was the view from our bedroom's front window on South 5th Street between Rodney and Keap -
on Sunday we moved for a month to another sublet, this time in wonderful Crown Heights. Here's the view of Nostrand Avenue store signs from our Crown Heights bedroom window:
Early this morning we got to the Central Library at Grand Army Plaza via a short two-stop trip from President Street and even before the library opened, we sat at a table on the library's own plaza and graded papers -- some terrific ones from our students -- for an hour. Then we got some breakfast from the Mambo Open Book Cafe inside and walked down Eastern Parkway to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, where it was the first totally free off-season Tuesday.
After sitting at a bench and eating our cereal and drinking our juice,
we took a walk through one of our favorite places in the world.
Everything was still pretty green this early in the fall.
The skies were darkening, but we had a nice stroll along the northern part of the Botanic Garden to the exit just south of the Brooklyn Museum on Washington Avenue.
Continuing our walk, we had a nice view on Union Street of the Franklin Avenue shuttle tracks
before we briefly crossed Eastern Parkway, leaving our 11225 zip code to get some pad thai at Bob & Betty's. It started to rain as we walked to the Franklin Avenue station, so we lazily took the 5 train one stop home.

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