Thursday, June 26, 2008

Richard Grayson's "WHO WILL KISS THE PIG?: Sex Stories for Teens" now available on Amazon


Dumbo Books is happy to announce that Richard Grayson's Who Will Kiss the Pig?: Sex Stories for Teens is now available on Amazon.

It is 160 pages, 8.6 ounces, 9 x 6 x 0.4 inches and contains versions of some stories previously published by webzines, such as:

"This Person Is Already Your Friend" (3:AM Magazine);

"Sex Stories for Teens" (retitled from The Angler version);

"Life With Libby" (Blithe House Quarterly);

"Albertson's Pulls Out of New Orleans" (Spillway Review);

"Talking to a Stranger" (retitled from Fiction Warehouse version)

"Hey Jude" (Pindeldyboz);

"My Seventies Stories" (Storyglossia);

"Who Will Kiss the Pig?" (retitled from Six Little Things version);

"The Life of Katz" (High Contrast)

"Rampant Burping" (Juked);

and other swell teen sex stories published online at other webzines, in anthologies such as The Avery Anthology, and in literary magazines such as Bellingham Review, Brooklyn Literary Review, California Quarterly and Washington Review and Hanging Loose.

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