Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday Evening at Desert Island: Johnny Ryan & Angry Youth Comix

This evening, on our way home to Dumbo Books HQ from dinner in Astoria, we got out of the G train at Metropolitan Avenue and stopped by Desert Island, our friendly neighborhood comic book store, to catch part of the party for the brilliant Johnny Ryan, who was signing copies of his newest Fantagraphics Books release of Angry Youth Comix #14.

We first discovered Johnny when giving a reading at Chicago's Quimby's Bookstore almost exactly seven years ago, when we were publicizing the Red Hen Press-published The Silicon Valley Diet. As a honorarium, we were given a $20 gift coupon, which we used to purchase . It had a wonderful story featuring a disgusting protagonist, Loady McGee, whose even more disgusting roommate, Sinus O'Gynus, invents many unneeded devices, such as an electronic Jew-detector.

However, we left our copy at the Ragdale Foundation's library for future artists, writers and composers at that artist's colony to enjoy, and in our mind the title somehow morphed to Angry Teen Comics. So we made a boo-boo when we published the last line of the preface to Dumbo Books' WRITE-IN: Diary of a Congressional Candidate in Florida' Fourth Congressional District.

If you wish to see our error in the WRITE-IN preface, a version of it is here.

Anyway, we were too embarrassed to mention this to Johnny Ryan or to tell him tonight that we didn't even remember the name. We will now. He's a talented artist and writer, and Desert Island has been a wonderful addition to our neighborhood for the crowd at the party tonight. They were all very nice, very hip and the most unatheletic group of people we've seen in a long time. Isn't life wonderful!

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