Friday, April 23, 2010

Late Friday Afternoon at Brooklyn College: Lilacs, Lilacs, Lilacs at the Lily Pond

This afternoon before teaching our creative writing class on the Brooklyn College, we sat at the almost-hidden lily pond.

The smell of lilacs pervaded the air.

When the wind came up, there was a blizzard of lilacs.

Lilac flowers covered everything, including us on our bench.


Pete said...

We've lived in our house for seven springs now, and this is the best year for our lilacs yet. I'm looking at our bushes right now, and they almost completely obscure our two cars in the driveway behind.

Richard said...

I guess it was all the rain and then the above-normal temps. We had a very early bloom to everything in NYC and it's lusher than I've seen it the previous three springs.