Thursday, April 1, 2010

MY PLAN TO KILL HENRY KISSINGER by Richard Grayson now available at Amazon Kindle Store

Richard Grayson's My Plan to Kill Henry Kissinger is now available at Amazon's Kindle Store for 99¢.

Here is the promo material for the 111-page $6.99 paperback edition from Art Pants Company:
In these ten quirky, strangely compelling Richard Grayson stories — all of them first published in literary magazines and anthologies in the late 1970s — young people in their late teens and early twenties learn how to live in a world of weirdness:

A young man's mother hides under the bed while he has sex with his girlfriend. A porpoise directs and stars in a production of Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" for an audience of one boy. A young woman claims her TV set won't work properly even though an attractive repairman assures her there's nothing wrong with it. A famous bodybuilder remembers his chronic childhood constipation. A 16-year-old boy tells an interviewer he aspires to be "a friend to the friendless." A delivery boy for a florist shop sees his first dead body. And in the title story, the roommate of a boy who couldn't stand anyone to say the word "Stanford" in his presence explodes in rage at former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, with surprising results.

“The incessant familiarity of the writer’s secret self makes his world entertaining and bizarre. The dialogue is consistently, even ingeniously funny…bright and keenly made.”
The New York Times Book Review

These stories originally appeared, in somewhat different form, in the following literary magazines and anthologies: Street Bagel (1980); Westbere Review (1977); Coffee Break (1978); Hudson River Anthology (1978); Dragon Fire, Dancing Dogs and Dangling Dreams (Meadows of Dan, VA: Northwoods Press, 1978); Beyond Baroque (1979); Lowlands Review (1978); The Penny Dreadful (1979); and Zone .

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