Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Morning in Williamsburg: Conselyea Street After the Latest Snowstorm

This will be our last winter in New York. The last five winters have been hard for someone who spent the previous twenty-six winters in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Gainesville (go Gators), Phoenix or Silicon Valley -- but last one was really hard and this one has been worse. Here's Conselyea Street after our latest snowstorm. We're posting these pics mainly as a reminder to ourselves that we will not be missing Brooklyn come next January when we're living in a warm, snow-free place -- like our wonderful former neighbors two houses down.

No more shoveling for us after March! (Unless April is really, really weird.)


Pete said...

Winter snowstorms are one of the things I don't miss about not living in the city any longer. I remember once after getting hit with eighteen inches of snow, spending several brutal hours digging out our driveway and our section of the alley. (Alleys are the absolute last thing the Chicago city plows get around to clearing - if they had their way, they'd just let the spring thaw take care of it.) Trouble is, none of our neighbors bothered doing the same, and since we were in the middle of the block it was impossible to get our car out, despite my shoveling. It really made me question the whole "neighbors pulling together for a common cause" idea.

Richard said...

New York doesn't have alleys. So the garbage this winter has just been piling up and up (or is buried, as now, under piles of snow). California, here we come!