Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Night in Williamsburg: The 7th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival presents the Show and Prove Super Bowl at Brooklyn Bowl

Tonight we walked over to the always-fun Brooklyn Bowl

for the seventh annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival's first night event, the Show and Prove Super Bowl,

with a thrilling competition between three extraordinarily great acts, each of whom won one of Brooklyn Bodega's Show and Prove contests in a different month this spring.

All three rocked the house: Chris Faust of Brooklyn, who had incredible energy (and who we were betting on),

the dynamic and dope Clear Soul Forces from Detroit, who had some amazing moves,

and the eventual winner L.A., also a Brooklyn homegirl, who ended her set by jumping off the stage and rapping from the floor of Brooklyn Bowl surrounded by the enthusiastic crowd.

It was all really impressive.

Our little O.G. dumbphone camera is pretty useless in dark venues

but we pretend the effects are "artistic."

Like this pic of our wonderful host, sort of as he might appear to someone on some random drug.

Congratulations to Clear Soul Forces and Chris Faust putting on a great show and especially to L.A. (we really loved her violinist!),

who won the right to be performing at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival's Saturday night Main Stage.

We're grateful we got to go to Brooklyn Bowl for the opening night.

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